What theme is addressed in Okita’s poem ‘In Response to Executive Order 9066’?

During World War ll, Japanese Americans were not the enemy is the answer!

Japanese Americans posed a serious risk to the security of the country.
Explanation: The poem depicts what happened when President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. This order authorized the removal of Japanese-Americans, many of them American citizens, who were on the west coast of the country. These people were considered dangerous after the Japanese troops attacked Pearl Habor. These people were removed from their homes and jobs to be held in detention camps created by the US government.

The answer is option 1. During World War II, Japanese Americans were not the enemy.
Explanation: This poet addresses the moment after the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. Japanese Americans were taken to camps because they were seen as the ones who bombed the port. For this reason, the poem’s theme is option 1, since they were being stereotyped to have the same mindset as the Japanese living in Japan. The country did not see that they were not their enemies.

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