What theme is addressed in Okita’s poem ‘In Response to Executive Order 9066’?

During World War ll, Japanese People in america weren’t the adversary may be the response!

Japanese People in america posed a critical danger into safety for the nation.
Explanation: The poem illustrates exactly what took place whenever President Roosevelt finalized Executive purchase 9066. This purchase approved removing Japanese-Americans, quite a few americans, who have been in the west shore for the nation. These individuals had been considered dangerous following the Japanese soldiers attacked Pearl Habor. These individuals had been taken out of their particular houses and tasks is held in detention camps produced by the government.

The clear answer is choice 1. During World War II, Japanese People in america weren’t the adversary.
Explanation: This poet covers when following the assault on Pearl Harbor happened. Japanese People in america had been taken fully to camps since they had been viewed as the people which bombed the slot. This is exactly why, the poem’s motif is choice 1, given that they had been becoming stereotyped to really have the exact same mentality once the Japanese surviving in Japan. The united states failed to observe that these people were maybe not their particular opponents.

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