What symbol for every chemical element that has atomic number less than 15 and atomic mass greater than 23.5 u .

Magnesium and Aluminum Mg & Al Explanation:Magnesium’s atomic mass is 24.31 and Aluminum’s atomic mass is 26.98.

Atomic m. Element Atomic no. Symbol 1.0079u Hydrogen 1 H 4.0026u Helium 2 He 6.941u Lithium 3 Li Additional information:- ★ Atomic number : The number of protons in one atom of an element is known as atomic number. Atomic number of an element = No. of protons in one atom of element.The atomic no. of element is denoted by the letter z .

1.  Lutetium                  Atomic Number  =  71                  Atomic Mass      =  174.97 u 2.  Hafnium                  Atomic Number  =  72                  Atomic Mass      =  178.49 u 3.  Tantalum                  Atomic Number  =  73                  Atomic Mass      =  180.95 u 4.  Tungsten                  Atomic Number  =  74                  Atomic Mass      =  183.85 u

Those Al. Si. P. i think

You should be able to locate them on the periodic table as long as you know which part the atomic number is and which part the atomic mass is.

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