What percentage of adults suffers from food allergies?

What proportion of adults suffers from meals allergy symptoms? a. 2% b. 10% c. 20% d. 50%​

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20% of adults endure from meals allergy symptoms

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d. 50%​ Can be your reply Love! Clarification: Hope this helps plz mark branilest

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50% is the awnser hope it sright

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Im positive its 5% Clarification: (Gradpoint) I simply took the check. take a look at quizlet for extra solutions

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Researchers estimate that 32 million Individuals have meals allergy symptoms, together with 5.6 million youngsters beneath age 18. That is one in 13 youngsters, or roughly two in each classroom. About 40 p.c of youngsters with meals allergy symptoms are allergic to a couple of meals.

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I need to say about 30% of adults are, 40% of youngsters are

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