What never changes when two or more objects collide is?

A. the momentum of each object


The total momentum of all the objects.

The fact that there will be a dispute over who was at fault.
Total momentum of all the objects will be conserved – so the answer is C.

I’m guessing, but I bet you can’t exceed the total momentum of all the objects. Not without some added force, right?

if they collide elastically then both kinetic energy n momentum r conserved
if they collide inelastically then momentum is conserved

Answer 6

For all completely elastic collisions, the two c) and d) are real, finished momentum and power is conserved. notwithstanding, interior the case of inelastic collisions, then only c) is real, because of the fact a number of kinetic power may well be switched over into warmth interior the bodies. what’s quite consistent is the action of the middle of mass of the equipment, notwithstanding if issues disintegrated upon impact, so, extremely, there would desire to be a e) the action of middle of mass of all gadgets. Oh nicely.

Answer 7



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