What name should be used for the ionic compound cu(no3)2

Copper(II) nitrate. Hope i cleared your doubt

The name is Copper(II) nitrate. Explanation: The name of the ionic compounds is written by writing the name of the cation first followed by its oxidation state in round brackets and then the name of the anion is written without any suffix. Thus the cation copper is written first as calcium followed by the oxidation state as (II) and then the anion which is nitrate. Thus the name is Copper(II) nitrate.

the formula can be rewritten as Cu1(NO3)2 if you take the subscripts, 1 and 2 and make them the charges of the opposite ions, you have: Cu^2 (NO3)^1 Since the cation is always written first in ionic compounds, the Cu has a 2+ charge and the anion is written second therefore NO3 has a 1- charge: Cu^2+ (NO3)^1- Cu is copper but it is a transition metal which means it can have more than one charge. copper can have a 1+ or a 2+ charge (generally) in this case it has a 2+ so you need to indicate this in the name by using a roman numeral after the name: copper(II) NO3^1- is a polyatomic anion and has a fixed charge and a name (this can be looked up): nitrate put the two names together and don’t forget the roman numeral: copper(II) nitrate

Copper(ii)nitrate is the name

If you ionize it you name it easier:Cu²⁺ is copper (II) cationNO₃⁻ is the nitrate radical (poly-atomic ion)Hence copper (ii) nitrate

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