What must be true if unicellular organisms evolved into organisms in the domain eukarya?

The reply is (Absorbing different cells gave a aggressive benefit.) Apex

Nicely i had the identical reply, so the right reply could be a. however on this case it might be the one with plasma membrane and cell wall circled that’s subsequent to the bushy capsule kind of factor.

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The fitting reply is: AEukaryotes (or Eukaryota) are a gaggle of all organisms, unicellular or multicellular, characterised by the presence of a nucleus and normally mitochondria of their cells. He opposes the domains of Eubacteria and Archaea. “Absorbing different cells gave a aggressive benefit” is referring to the endosymbiosis of the mitochondria.The mitochondrion is the results of the endosymbiosis of an alpha-proteobacterium by a primitive eukaryotic cell.The existence of genes of endosymbiosis (transferred to the nucleus of the host cell and built-in into the genome of the latter) or their vestiges (remaining within the nucleus whereas the organelles themselves are misplaced or degenerated) reveals that the ancestors of eukaryotes devoid of mitochondria as soon as contained such organelles.

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