What literary device is used in the phrase,’eyes scinitilling soul’

What literary device is used in the phrase,’eyes scinitilling soul’

The phrase, eyes scintillating soul is used as a connotation.  A connotation is an idea or feeling a word invokes other than its literal meaning. Faith xoxo

Explanation: alliteration is a literary device that consists in the repetition of the beginning sounds of consecutive words, or words that are close to each other. In the phrase “eyes scintillating soul” from the given excerpt from “A Valentine” by Edgar Allan Poe, we can see a clear example of alliteration, because of the repetition of the “s” sound at the beginning of the words “scintillating” and “soul.”

Alliteration Explanation:

I don’t know who got the right answer with “connotation”, but I got it wrong. It has to be a metaphor.

In the phrase, “eyes scintillating soul”  alliteration is the literary device which has been used. Alliteration is a literary device in which words with the same consonant sound or syllable occur. It gives a poem a different and a unique rhythm. Alliteration is a special case of consonance when the consonant sound of the stressed syllable is repeated. In the phrase “eyes scintillating soul” the sound ‘s’ has been repeated in the words ‘eyes,’ ‘scintillating’ and ‘soul.’

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Answer 6

The answer is connotation “Eye scintillating soul” is a connotation that means that
there is something in those eyes. Connotation is a secondary meaning of the
word given. It gives another word or phrase a new meaning apart from its original

Answer 7

Alliteration is used in that phrase.

The answer to this question is connotation

You’re answer is C hope i helped

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