what its the meaning of HAZAP, is that a law, or a standar of quality system??

im talking about something about like haccp system, or about environment in the production of foods & drinks

“In light of the increasing number of food poisoning cases over the past few years, the federal government will institute a program of food safety. Food based companies will be obliged to implement a Hazard and Critical Control Point Analysis System (HACCP – pronounced “Hazap”). This style of system is already in place for the meat industry and covers the manufacture of meat products from pasture to abattoir. From July 1 1999 all businesses that sell or handle food will be obliged to have such a system in place. LF is well on the way to implementing our own HACCP, aiming to one of the first companies to do so. To complement this all LF staff recently underwent a one day food safety training refresher course. The accredited course was extremely well received, with staff looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their labours whilst in the full knowledge they won’t get sick from eating those fruits – they will have been prepared to meet all guidelines.”

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what its the meaning of HAZAP, is that a law, or a standar of quality system??


A. HAZAP Process — Hazard Assessment Zero Accident Plan. The purpose of the HAZAP is to recognize hazards that may be encountered during a project and plan for the elimination of those hazards. The “Process” involves coordinating with the Human Resources Department and the Safety Department to meet the needs of running a safe project. The Project Manager or their designated representative is responsible for completing the HAZAP Process after the award of contract and prior to project start-up. The steps for completing the HAZAP Process are as follows.
1.Complete a Hazardous Material Inventory List for the Project, Form
2.Complete the Project Manpower Assessment (PMA), Form 2A.1b.
3.Provide Human Resources with a copy of the completed PMA to address the following items.
a.Meeting Manpower Requirements.
b.Meeting Client Requirements (Drug and Alcohol testing, DOT, site orientation).
c.Meeting Medical Surveillance Requirements (Lead, Benzene, H2S)
d.Providing Directions to Jobsite.
e.Providing Required Human Resource Paperwork (Separation Notices, Transfer Notices, Employee Safety and Health Handbooks).
4.Provide the Safety Director with a copy of completed forms 2A.1b, Project Manpower Assessment, 2A.1c, Job Hazard Analysis, and 2C.1a, Hazardous Material Inventory List, to address the following needs.
a.Establishing a Medical Clinic.
b.Coordinating Specialty Training (Forklift, AWP, Fit Tests, Confined Space, Lead)
c.Meeting Posting Requirements.
d.Providing First Aid and Bodily Fluid Clean-up kits.
5.Gather all safety-related equipment.
6.Ensure the provisions of S.O.P 3C (IV), PSM-Highly Hazardous Materials
Exposure are followed, if necessary.
7. Prepare for Emergencies

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Do you mean HAZMAT?

The Federal hazardous materials transportation law (Federal hazmat law)

Answer 6

or did you mean HACCP

which means…

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
for food production. if it is then go to the link below for more info

Answer 7

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