What is this Android ‘New Tag Collected’ thing?

Whenever I put my phone in my wallet (sideways) or lay it flat, it repeatedly pops up with some New Tag Collected window. I can close it but as soon as I put the phone down again it does the same, over and over.

The same thing started happening to me. It’s a function called NFC (Near Field Communication.) It’s what lets you touch your phone to another person’s phone, or pay for something by touching it to a credit card reader… I don’t use my phone for any of those things, so I disabled it. (I have an older android, an LG Optimus Elite).
Don’t know why it starts issuing those alerts, but you can disable it under your Wireless & Network Settings. See directions here: http://www.ghacks.net/2012/10/16/turn-off-nfc-on-y…

Yeah… your solution is like “if you don’t like somebody’s hair – chop his head off”…
Tags are very useful things if you bother to understand how they work and how to use them.
Apparently you don’t, so at least try to find how to eliminate the annoyance (the pop-up) without crippling the functionality.
It is very simple – find under Settings/Apps the application called Tags (to see it you need to go to “All” tab on the right of the default “Downloaded”) and Disable this app. This will stop the pop-ups but keep the functionality as there are many tags which do things, but provide no text information – like unlocking your phone once you leave it at your dock at work for example. The purpose of Tags app is only to display the text content of the tag whenever it has mssage, but unfortunately can’t make distinction if the text has meaning or not (or if there is no text at all – “Empty Tag”).
I guess our friends from Google did not bother (as always) to refine their software before launching it and avoid popping up tags which have no meaningful message but only functionality.
Hope this helps.

I just put my phone down, on top of my daughters library book and the ‘new tag collected’ message popped up!
Thanks for the info!

Thank you

Thanks! that was soooooooooooooo annoying! =o)

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