What is the volume of a piece of magnesium if the mass is 5.47 g in the density is 1.74g/

Volume = 5.47 g × (1 cm^3/1.74 g) = 3.14 cm^3

hey there! boiling point is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals atmospheric pressure. the vapor pressure of solvent molecules is decreased when a solute is added, so a higher temperature is required to increase the number of solvent molecules in the gas phase above the liquid. at the freezing point, the vapor pressures of the solid and liquid are equal; a lower temperature is needed to reduce the number of solvent particles above the liquid. hope this you tobey

answer: the primary difference between a hypothesis and a theory is that b hypothesis is falsifiable, but a theory has been proven to be correct. theory is an explanation of something that is happening but hypothesis is a guess of something that can happen explanation:

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