What is the total mass of kno3 that must be dissolved in 50. grams of h2o at 60.°c to make a saturated solution?

What’s the complete mass of kno3 that should be dissolved in 50. grams of h2o at 60.°c to make a saturated answer? (1) 32 g (3) 64 g (2) 53 g (4) 106 g

106 g KNO₃ 100 g (H₂O)? g KNO₃ 50.0 g (H₂O) mass KNO₃ = 50.0 * 106 / 100 mass KNO₃ = 5300 / 100 = 53 g of KNO₃ reply (2) hope this helps!

53g Rationalization: First we plot the solubility graph for KNO3 as proven within the picture hooked up. From the graph, we see that the solubility of KNO3 per 100g of answer is 106g. Therefore if 106g of KNO3 dissolves in 100g Xg of KNO3 dissolves in 50g 50×106/100 = 53g of KNO3

55 g Rationalization: First, we’ve to search for the solubility of KNO₃ at 60°C, contemplating that the solubility is the utmost quantity of solute that may be dissolved in 100 grams of solvent, that’s, the focus of a saturated answer. The solubility of KNO₃ at 60°C is 110.0 g of KNO₃ per 100 g of water. The mass of KNO₃ that should be dissolved in 50 g of water to make a saturated answer is: 50 g H₂O × (110.0 g KNO₃/100 g H₂O) = 55 g KNO₃

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58g Rationalization: In an effort to resolve this downside, you have to check out the solubility graph for potassium nitrate. Now, the solubility graph reveals you the way a lot solute will be dissolved per 100g of water with the intention to make an unsaturated, a saturated, or a supersaturated answer. You are seeking to make a saturated potassium nitrate answer utilizing 50g of water at 60∘C. Your start line might be to find out how a lot potassium nitrate will be dissolved in 100g of water at that temperature with the intention to have a saturated answer. As you may see, the curve itself represents saturation. Should you draw a vertical line that corresponds to 60∘C and lengthen it till it intersects the curve, then draw a horizontal line that connects to the vertical axis, you will discover that potassium has a solubility of about 115g per 100g of water. Your reply is 58g of potassium nitrate

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