What is the substance that Olivia Godfrey puts in her eye in Hemlock Grove?

It is a clear substance that she uses like an eye drop.

I am on epi 4 and it’s been driving me crazy too! I have searched everything possible and the only thing I came up with was that it is actually hemlock. It is poisonous to humans and can cause death but maybe since they are something supernatural they need it to stay alive….. it’s a stretch but it’s the best I could do to make sense of it!

Olivia Godfrey

Hmm I assumed that it is gypsy tears. Why would Olivia have gone to Peters mom if it was some substance that could be gotten elsewhere? My theory: Olivia needs gypsy tears to repel the Vampire part of her. They allow her to be more human.

Not sure but it could be deadly nightshade or bella donna. It was used in europe but particularly italy, in the form of eyedrops, by women. It made the pupils dilate and was thought to make the eyes look more beautiful, hence the name.

Atropos belladonna is a tincture that can be made into eye drops Egyptian women would use to make themselves appear seductive and beautiful.

Answer 6

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Answer 7

None of the above–it’s a drug called subzilla.

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