What is the spanish phrase “tira maiz”, someone called me this phrase on a daily basis?

Ok, so I told my boyfriend that this guy kept telling me something that ending in maiz and I was like what is that phrase. I happen to work with this guy and I respect him, but I just found out he is possibly abusing the fact that I am not totally fluent in spanish. My boyfriend got really mad, saying its really bad and that I do not need to know… Is it really that bad, if so can someone please translate it for me. I apologize if this is an offensive phrase to anyone.

Apparently is slang for “butt” Just the fact that this guy is speaking in Spanish to or about you when you are not fluent is a little disrespectful. You should ask him to stop, and even file a complaint.

Tira-maíz can be one’s “booty.” Does that fit the context?

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