What is the return value of “select”.substring(0. 5)?

46. What exactly is the return worth of “SELECT” substring(0, 5)? a. “SELECT b. “SELEC C. “SELE” d. “ELECT 47. To confirm if a string s provides the prefix “Java”, might create a. if (s.startsWith(“Java”)) b. if (s.indexOf(“Java”)0). c. if (s.substring(o, 4).equals(“Java”). d. A lot of the preceding 48. The -method parses a string s to an int price. a. integer.parselnt(s); b. Integer.parselnt(s) c. integer.parselnteger(s) d. Integer.parselnteger(s); 49. The statement System.out.printf(“%3.1f”, 123456) outputs a. 123.4 b. 123.5 c. 1234.5 d. 1234.6 50. The statement System.out.printf(“%10s”, 123456) outputs location) (Note: “represents a a. 123456** b. 23456* c. 12345** d. *123456
46) b. SELEC

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