what is the past tense of proofread?

look over with a lengthy a may be the current tight for the term, read pronounced red, may be the previous tight of browse, so proofread is spelled similar for last or present tight, but pronounced in a different way.

Proofread Last Tense


Yesteryear tight of proofread is proofread. Much like the previous tight of browse is look over.

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what’s the previous tight of proofread?

Answer 6

Current/future tight – proofread [proof-reed]
Last tight – proofread [proof-red]

Answer 7

Complete’n proofread

Proofread proofread proofread
Observe that proofread is certainly one term

Exactly the same thing.
Do you want to proofread this guide? (reed)
We have currently proofread this guide! (red)


Proofread (browse proof-RED)

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