what is the middle letter of the alphabet?

M is 13th, N is 14th. So, right between them is the middle letter.

Middle Letter Of The Alphabet

Middle English Alphabet

There are 26 letters in alphabet order, put a number next to a letter in alphabet order.
1-A 2-B 3-C 4-D 5-E 6-F 7-G 8-H 9-I 10-J 11-K 12-L 13-M 14-N 15-O 16-P 17-Q 18-R 19-S 20-T 21-U 22-V 23-W 24-X 25-Y 26-Z

Use the largest number divide by 2-which will help you to find the middle letter
26/2=13 13-M

Therefore, the middle letter is M.

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The english alphabet has 26 letters, so the middle is right in between M and N, the 13th and 14th letters

Answer 6

Letter I

Answer 7

there is no middle letter the two middle letters are m and n.

Source(s): online dictionary

there isnt one theirs 26 letters the two middle letters are m and n

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There is no middle letter, but there is a small space between the H and the A!

Its m and n but WHY DOES EVERYONE GO a-k is the first half and l-z is the 2nd NO ITS NOT its a-m and n-z!

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