What is the meaning of “non fui, fui, non sum, non curo “?

I know it is latin for “I was not, I have been, I am not, I do not care” but what does is mean?

You didn’t have something, and then you got it. You lost it and don’t have it anymore, but you don’t care either.

Sum Fui

the whole premise of this quote is simply telling us to live your life and not be afraid of death. It means that being afraid of death is ridiculous since you will no longer be there to experience it when it will happen to you so it is a big waste of time and energy to worry about it.

“i was not” means that you did not exist before you were born, “i have been” means you have lived or was alive,
“i am not” means you no longer exists when you’re already dead,
“i do not care” – means that when you’re dead, you no longer have the capacity to feel things (fear, pain, what others think of you, misery, pleasure, boredom, awareness, consciousness) like when you are alive because you already stopped existing and therefore, no longer have the capacity to feel or be aware of your surroundings because there is no more “you” to begin with. this premise parrallels the first line “i was not”—you did not exist before you were born, you also do not exist after you die. in this case, it is also saying that there is no afterlife since afterlife is impossible once your brain function to feel, to experience, to think and to have consciousness already stops working.

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It means that when one is dead, there is no longer a “person” to care about non-existence or to feel any negative mental state. When you are alive, death is not. When death is, you are not (to experience it). We fear death, and it makes our life less enjoyable, because we only wrongly think that it is possible to experience death. But since there is no longer you, you can’t experience death.

Live the best possible life while you still can, and don’t worry about what you cannot experience (death).

Source(s): Teaching of Epicurus.

It’s Swedish for: “I was not, I was, I am not, I do not care.”

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I was not. I was. I am not. I do not care.- swedish

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