What is the meaning of “do not inventory”?

I have seen this placard in many apparel stores – “Do Not Inventory”. What is the meaning of “do not inventory”?

It means they are not part of the inventory, and counting them wll throw off the numbers. For example if a store orders 100 new TV’s they’ll get 101. They use that 1 for the display model, and not for sales. And if they count that model, it will raise their count by 1 extra every time they check. So they put up the DNI, or do not inventory.

Source(s): 3 years in retail

Inventory Meaning

It means that it should not be counted as part of the inventory/stock, and/or it was already counted. Businesses count every item in their store to calculate loss and/or theft – this is usually done annually – this is called “taking inventory”

Source(s): Retail manager for 15 years

Must be only one…or it was already in the system.

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