What is the meaning of arch enemy band symbol?

Arch Enemy is my favorite melodic death metal band. I want to get a tattoo of their band symbol, so I want to know what their symbol means. If any metalheads know the meaning please let me know. m/

Band logos tend to be ambiguous. Many times a third party creates a symbol that the band simply thinks looks good… not unlike a corporation deciding on their logo. They then can attach whatever meaning they like, but you figure there are several members of most bands each with their own interpretation. Its best just to associate the symbol with the band and whatever their music means to you.
As for the question you didn’t ask… I generally steer people away from the decision to brand themselves forever with band tattoos.

Arch Enemy Meaning

It does have a meaning. Though it still varies from the main Symbol but still its the symbol of Anarchy! Arch enemy is not an anarchy band but they sing about individual freedom,Liberty and revolution which is not unrelated . I Still think its cool to tattoo their Logo cause i have the small version of it on my neck and it`s always Cool!

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