What is the meaning of apparebat eidolon senex in the book It by Stephen King?

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I was reading It when I came across the Latin quote apparebat eidolon senex. I know it translates to “the ghost of an old man appeared,” or something like that, but how is this important to the story? What is its meaning?

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Here is my best thought. The soldier’s statue was a birdbath, but the old man is coming back. Much of the book is about fighting evil…it is behind the mask of the monster. The soldier is coming back to slay it as he has done in his long, old existence. What else could it mean? The soldier’s statue is gone…but he will come back.

Not knowing which part of the book you are referring to makes it difficult to put the phrase in context.

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Its on a bird bath in a public park

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What is the meaning of apparebat eidolon senex in the book It by Stephen King?

It by Stephen King is a classic horror novel that tells the story of a group of seven kids who are terrorized by an evil force that takes the form of a clown. One of the key phrases in the book is “apparebat eidolon senex” which appears on a sign that the kids find in the sewers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this phrase and explore its possible meaning.

What is the book It about?

It is a novel by Stephen King. The story follows the lives of seven children as they are terrorized by an evil being that takes the form of a clown. The novel is set in the town of Derry, Maine.

What is the meaning of apparebat eidolon senex?

In the book It by Stephen King, the character Bill Denbrough sees what appears to be an old man during a storm. When he goes to see if the man is all right, he finds that the man has disappeared.

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Some people believe that this old man was an apparition, or ghost. Others believe that Bill may have seen a Senex, which is an ancient spirit that is said to haunt places where there has been violence or death.

Whatever Bill saw that night, it was definitely something out of the ordinary. If you’ve ever had a strange experience like this, please share your story in the comments section below!

The different interpretations of apparebat eidolon senex

It’s been argued that the true meaning of apparebat eidolon senex in It by Stephen King is up for interpretation. Some believe that it refers to an old, wise man who appears as a ghost or apparition, while others believe it simply means that an elderly man appears in the book.

What do you think apparebat eidolon senex means? Share your interpretations in the comments below!


The phrase “apparebat eidolon senex” appears in the book It by Stephen King. The phrase is Latin for “the apparition of an old man.” This apparition is seen by the character Bill Denbrough, and it is a manifestation of his fear of getting old and losing his loved ones. The phrase serves as a reminder that our fears can take on many different forms.

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