What is the main similarity between “The Purple Cow” and Frost’s poem ‘Mending Wall’?

The main similarity between both poems; the purple cow by Gellett Burgess and the mending wall of Robert Frost is their humorous language. The American Poet Robert Frost explores the theme of humor in his poem “The Mending Wall”. Just like the line, “Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder if I could put a notion on his head.”

A) Both use humorous language. Explanation: Purple Cow was part of The Burgess Nonsense Book Being a Complete Collection of the Humorous Masterpieces of Gelett Burgess. This short poem published in 1895 uses nonsense verse, a sort of nonsense literature whimsical and humorous in tone. In Mending Wall, Frost examines mischief and humor through the story of the narrator, a New England farmer who reaches his neighbor to rebuild the wall between their lands and however questions the purpose of a wall.

Both use iambic pentameter. Both use blank verse.Explanation:

c) Both use humorous language Explanation: Humorous language is the langauge that is meant to induce laughter on the audience.This helps them enjoy the the story or poem and causes them to relax. Various techniques are used such as playing with words or make references to life situation and create amusement through that reference ,make people not take life too seriously for that moment . Types of Humor Various techniques are used to create humor, the follwing are devices that produces humor ; Using exaggeration,suprise, sarcasm, irony , incongruity etc.

a Explanation: They do not use blank verse, only Frost´s poem is wrtitten that way.They use humorous language.Frost uses a tone that seems to be  slightly teasing and Burgess´s poem sounds comical.

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The answer is they both use humorous language. Explanation: I did this in class two days ago.

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The answer is: C. Both use humorous language. The humorous language is the only thing that these two have in common, The purple cow is written in blank verse, contrary to Mending wall, and mending wal is written in iambic pentameer, which only leaves us with the option of humorous language.

the correct answer is A.- Both use humorous language. Explanation: i just finished the quiz

In my opinion, the correct answer is D) Both use strict meter. Frost uses blankverse – unrhymed iambic pentameter, whereas Burgess uses iambic tetrameter (four iambic feet, as in the model da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM). Only Burgess uses humorous language.


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