What is the hardest song to play in Guitar Hero World Tour?

I just got the game for christmas and was wondering what is the hardest song to play? For example Fire through the flames is the hardest for legends of rock right? So whats the hardest for World Tour? Overkill by Motorhead is hard as hell to play but Idk if its the hardest. Help??? So if I run into the song I know what Im getting myself into.

B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down on bass (expert) makes me want to cry… I just can’t do it and I’ve tried about 20+ times now.

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Well we all have different skills. So what might be hard to one person may be easy to another. The only way to figure out the hardest song is for YOU to play them to find out which one is the hardest. Good luck with the game and Merry late christmas to u.

Answer 6

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Satch Boogie definetly *_* That song is pure solo -.- eVERYTHING IS HARD but the hardest is the solo F =_= it’s a tricky solo @[email protected] almost imposible to do witout the slider.

Answer 7

Hardest for me so far is Sream Aim Fire- Bullet For My Valentine

Hot For Teacher by Van Halen probably, drums on expert on that is mental.

to make one that is really impossible you should go into the mixer studio and make you own song and like do a bunch of random crap. press all he colors and strum as fast as you can and stuff like that. go crazy on the drums and hit every thing like a wild man. it was fun for me and it was hard as hell when i went back to play it.

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Probably Satch Boogie or Hot for Teacher.
I can get 800k+ on TTFAF and beat those songs, but admittedly, it took me a few tries to pass them.

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