What is the gcf of 48m5n and 81m2n2?

81m^2n^2: 3^4m^2n^2 GCF: 3*m^2n

3m2n Fuh online skool‍♂️

Answer 6

Answer b for edge2020

The GCF is 3m^2n <===

so common factor = 81/27 = 3 ,   m^5/m^3 = m^2 , n^2/n = n common factor = 3m^2n (B)

Answer 7


Step-by-step explanation: Since, Thus,

Moving on, when it comes to variables. The variable with the least exponents is easily the GCF. For the variable m, the GCF is m2 and for n, the GCF is n. Combining the three, we have the overall GCF = 3m2n

Answer 6

Answer b for edge2020

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