What is the function of alloying elements (e. g., cr, v, w, and mo) in tool steels?

An alloy is the combination of metals homogeneously. Explanation: Alloys can also include other elements in combination with metals e.g carbon and Iron forms steel. Alloys find a host of application in various industries and domestic use. Alloying of metals helps to improve the physical and chemical properties of such materials better. Some materials are alloyed to improve their strength. Alloying can help heat and electrical conduction of a substance. Alloys can greatly prevent rusting and produce corrosion resistant metals. Alloys can provide a better means for a material to be worked. Alloys can be more durable than original materials.

c is the answer because when something is left after something evaporates that shows the chemical change.

1.75 is the weight of one medium egg

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