What is the formula for rubidium nitride

The formula of Rubidium nitride is a chemical represented by the molecular formula Rb3N. Each molecule of rubidium nitride contains three atoms of rubidium and one atom of nitrogen.

RbNO3. Rubidium nitrade is not produced from the earth. It is man-made.It is an alkali metal nitrate. It dissolves in water, kind-of like salt and sugar do. Hope it helps! I cant wait to be in Chemistry to learn all of this stuff! It sounds so lit!

Explanation: Hello, We are required to write the chemical formula of the following compounds 1. Calcium nitride = Ca₃N₂ 2. Magnesium Phosphide = Mg₃P₂ 3. Rubidium Chromate = Rb₂CrO₄ 4. Aluminium nitrate = Al(NO₃)₃ 5. Ammonium Arsenide = (NH₄)₃As 6. Nickel(ii) nitrite = Ni(NO₂)₂ 7. Copper(i)sulfate = Cu₂SO₄ 8. Iron(iii)nitrate = Fe(NO₃)₃ 9. Manganese(ii)nitrate = Mn(NO₃)₂ The left hand side are the common names when the right hand side are the chemical formula.

RbCl   Step-by-step explanation:
Rb is in Group 1. It can lose one electron to get a complete shell.
Cl is in Group 17. It can get a complete shell by gaining one election.
Thus, one Rb atom can react with one Cl atom.
The formula of rubidium chloride is RbCl.

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The answer to your question is   Rb₃N Explanation: Data Lithium Nitride = Li₃N Rubidium Nitride = ? Process 1.- Both Lithium and Rubidium are placed in group lA of the periodic table, which means that their valence number if + 1. 2.- Nitrogen is placed in group VA, which means that its oxidation number is -3. 3.- Write the formula and interchange the oxidation numbers.                                   Rb⁺¹   N⁻³                                   Rb₃N₁ But number one is not necessary to write it.                                   Rb₃N

Answer 6

To answer this specific question, the formula of rubidium nitride
is Rb3N. I am hoping that this
answer has satisfied your query and it will be able to help you in your
endeavor, and if you would like, feel free to ask another question.

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Answer 7

Since both elements have the same valence charges, just of opposite signs, this means that only 1 atom of each element is needed to create a stable bond. The formula for rubidium chloride will be RbCl.

Rubidium nitride is a chemical represented by the molecular formulaRb3N. Each molecule of rubidium nitride contains three atoms of rubidium and one atom of nitrogen.

The formula for rubidium nitride is RbNO3.

D. Se2- Which of the following is the best description of how electrons are transferred in an ionic bond? A. A metal atom loses electrons and a nonmetal atom gains electrons. A user is constructing an ionic bond between beryllium and chlorine and has reached the stage below. What should the user do next?Beryllium and chlorine A. Transfer an electron from the beryllium atom to the chlorine atom. Zinc phosphide, Zn3P2, is often used as a rat poison. Phosphorus has 5 valence electrons. How many valence electrons does each zinc atom lose? B. 2 Lithium nitride has the chemical formula Li3N. Rubidium is in the same chemical family as lithium. What is the formula of rubidium nitride? C. Rb3N

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