What is the font used for the title of Blazing Saddles? Any help is greatly appreciated.?

I’m looking for the font of the title not the screen credits. Although I have a feeling the title font might be a capitalized, italicized version of the credits.

Using Michrosoft “WORD”
Go to – Text Effects – Shadow – Outer
Then choose – Text Color

It’s just made for the movie. Though it does resemble a couple available custom from here. http://www.waldenfont. com/wildwestpressfonts.asp
See, like the font used for the 1978 Battlestar Galactica, the font is a one off. Though today you can get the Galactica font too. http://www.dafont. com/battlestar.font

There is no name. It was designed for the title and credits.

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Blazing Font

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