What is the first step to masking a woodcut?

What is step one to masking a woodcut?

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Step one is to organize the paper.

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Getting ready the matrix for printing Sand the die to trim the burrs.Take away extra mud with brush.Use moistened cloth to take away mud on the matrix. Clarification: Woodcut Course of: Step by Step Recording Step: 1 – Preparation of the matrix for recording 2 – Picture switch 3 – Matrix Recording Printing step: 1 – Getting ready the matrix for printing 2 – Getting ready the Cradle for Printing and Press Adjustment 3 – Alternative of paper 4 – Paper Reducing 5 – Printing 6 -Drying

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B) A drawing is made on wooden. Clarification: This drawing is a information for the artist. Made by pencil or something that marks the wooden, the artist creates a sketch after which started to work over the primary concept.

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b. A drawing is made on wooden. Clarification: Wooden lower is a way of print making which is recorded because the earliest technique.Within the technique, a design by the artist can be drawn on a paper then in a while transferred to wooden for printing.A brayer is then used to use ink to the floor of the wooden that has been drawn the artwork to be printed.After this, a sheet of paper is positioned on the wooden with ink and drawing, after rubbing the block with a spoon or another materials, the artwork now transfers to the paper as a print.

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B. a drawing is made on wooden Clarification: I took the quiz.

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b Clarification:

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