What is the final charge state of sphere A?

world a features a -4 fee and world B features a +2 fee

The fees equalize to –4+2 = –2 products
so long as they truly are connected, that exact same fee of –2 products pertains to both spheres.
If they’re divided, the circulation of the –2 products hinges on the capacitance of each and every. If they’re equal, they both have –1 products.

The sum total fee remains continual. The sum total fee is:
-4 + 2 = -2
Separated uniformly among two spheres:
-2 / 2 = -1
For that reason, each may have a cost of -1 after contact.

Complete fee = (-4) + (+2) = -2 products.
Considering that the spheres tend to be identical, the fee gets similarly split. Each world eventually ends up with a charge of -1 product.
Last fee on world A = -1 product.

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