What is the difference between “optometry ” and ” optomoligist ” ? Which one shoul treat Glacoma ?

The optometrist does not have 9 years schooling as does the optomologist. The one with more knowledge would be the one I would go to for seriously eye problems such as yours.

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You actually mean optometrist vs ophthamologist.
Optometry is the practice and optometrist is the person who practices optometry (just so you know).
An ophthamologist is actually a doctor, has actually gone to medical school. Not so with an optometrist.
I would definitely go to an ophthamologist to be treated for glaucoma.

optometry deal with glasses or contact lenses only and can do viaual exams. Whereas opthmology require license to practice . The optometrist can do the tonometry test to detect glaucoma. But only the opthalmologist can treat glaucoma with eye drops. But if you need surgery to relieve the pressure, only a surgeon who specializes in that field can perform the surgery. I hope this clears up the confusion on their differences.

Its like drive and driver, geology and geologist, mathematics and mathematician. Optometry is the subject, and optometrist – not optomologist – is the practitioner(the person who has studied and met the qualifications to study eyes and prescribe for vision). An eye doctor is an ophthalmologist.

Source(s): http://www.visionchannel.net/glaucoma/

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