What is the difference between a WLAN MAC address and a RJ45 MAC address?

Im in college and in order to connect to connect my VIZIO co-star stream player to the internet I need to submit it’s MAC address. When I looked in the system info, there was a WLAN MAC address and a RJ45 MAC address and I have no idea which one it is asking for. I cannot connect this system wirelessly so it should be the one needed for an Ethernet cord. There was not an address simply labeled MAC address so I was hoping someone could help me out. Thanks!

A MAC address is specific to network cards. Your device “VIZIO co-star stream player” has 2 network cards, one for wireless (WirelessLocalAreaNetwork “wlan”) and one for ethernet the name of the port or “hole” where you plug an ethernet wire is called RJ45. So this is the reason they give you 2 different MAC addresses, so if it’s asking for the MAC to connect to wireless it’s the WLAN one, if you are using a wire, then it’s asking for RJ45.

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Wlan Mac Address

The WLAN is for your wifi and the RJ45 is for wired. So depending on how you connect is the one to give them.
Every Network Interface Card (NIC) be it wired or wireless will have its own MAC address.

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