What is the best way to protect from groin shots in paintball ?

Wear a glass.

Put on a glass.
To tell the truth, it’s a not likely situation unless somebody intentionally attempts to strike you here. More often than not it’s mind or torso shots for the reason that it is exactly what is normally revealed. Maybe among the best issues can discover will be alert to what you’re revealing. All it will require is making an elbow or even the top the head protruding and you are clearly walking.

I’d simply put on a glass.

Only draw it. I’ve seen men put on their particular pod packages facing their particular crotch, but i believe that is absurd. There’s almost no potential for getting struck here, while you are doing, simply draw it and hold playing.

Shoot initially and quickly.

You might put on a glass i guess.  Though it is quite not likely you’ll previously be shot inside crotch, while you might be, it is actually not likely it’ll take place more often than once.

Answer 6

Don’t lead together with your crotch.

Answer 7

Either a glass for the balls or castration. FACT

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