What is the best way to get bubble gum off of eye glasses?

Goo Gone works wonders!!
Apply an ice cube until the gum is hard. Gently remove as much gum as possible. Do not scratch the lens. Then apply a small amount of Goo Gone to an eyeglass cleaning rag and gently rub the rest off. Then rinse the glasses well and clean with eyeglass cleaner!
I used this procedure to remove gum on my attachment camera lens.

Put the glasses in the freezer for a while and the gum will harden and peel off.

Rubbing alcohol. It won’t hurt the glasses and it will remove the gum. Let them soak and then rub with a soft cloth.

The best way is to put cooking oil on it and rub it off.

Put a ice cube on it. It will become hard and you can scrape it off.

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