What is the best way to “doctor up” a softball?

I’ve heard of freezing and microwaving, but how do you do this?

With a freezer and a microwarve.

True. If you Microwave a softball, it will be harder and will fly further. freezing might work, but, it will make the ball WET and won’t last near as long. I remember we duct taped one and that was a big mistake. Flew like a friggin cruise missle. Remember, when you do those things, you also increase the likelihood of injury to a player. Whereas it might be fun, it also is very dangerous

If an umpire checks the ball before the game, you are a dead duck. Umpires can tell when a ball has been fixed. That’s why most require a new ball for every game, and the ball be oƿє-ṅєd in front of them or they bring the balls themselves. If you don’t have an umpire, I hope you can live with the cheating. Besides, the opportunity you give yourself with the ball will also be given to your opponent.

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If you Microwave the ball, it works great…but only do it for 30-60 seconds, if you do it to long you will f*ck up the cover and it will come loose from the ball.

Are you going to tell anyone that you had doctored this ball?

If not, then you are cheating. I hope you are ok with that.

Answer 6

stop cheating

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