What is the best microscope to get a detailed view of the parts inside of a preserved plant cell?

What’s the finest microscope to get an in depth view of the elements within a preserved plant cell?

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A transmission gentle microscope

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i believe the reply is electron microscope

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It’s transmission.

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it will be Dissecting Microscope

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The very best microscope to get an in depth view of the elements inside a plant cell is electron microscope.

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The compound gentle microscope Clarification: The compound gentle microscope is the broadly and largely used microscope within the college and faculty labs to amplify objects to allow them to examine them, Normally this microscope zoom or amplify the item from 10 X to 400 X relying on the item which is used. The compound gentle microscope is the mixture of the 2 phrases “Compound and Mild” which suggests gentle transmits the picture to your eye and Compound means having a couple of lens.

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The right reply is A. Transmission electron microscope Clarification: Compound gentle microscope and dissecting microscope (choices C and D) are gentle microscopes with comparatively low decision to look at inner cell buildings. They permit to look at the scale of the cells, in micrometers (μm). Electron microscopes, akin to Transmission electron microscope (TEM) and Scanning electron microscope (SEM) have greater resolutions, they usually allow to look at the cells with extra particulars, in nanometers (nm). Between them,  SEM has decrease decision than TEM, and it’s typically used to look at the morphology and the floor of intact cells. TEM has a better magnifying energy so it could actually enable you to to look at inner organeles, particulars and buildings contained in the cell.

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The scanning electron microscope could be the reply. Electron microscopes have a really highly effective magnification as a result of electron/lighting expertise it possesses. This could be greater than sufficient to get a transparent and detailed view from inside a cell. Hope it helped, BioTeacher101

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A Dissecting microscope could be the most effective

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A lightweight microscope, I do not suppose it will be an electron microscope as a result of we’re speaking about PRESERVED plant cells.

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