What is the average price for a shot of Patron silver tequila in the usa?

Patron is a brand name of Tequila made in Mexico. I am interested in knowing the retail price per shot for silver or blanco type of this specific brand.

depends on where you buy it I have paid 1.50 per shot.

Depending on the state it will change but this would be in CA area:

In a bar $7 to $9 per shot

A bottle will cost in a store about $39 (750ml) and you can get about 17 shots out of it.

If you like patron try others like Don Julio, Herradura or Casa Noble (Less Marketing and much better tequilas!!!)

At Northern Illinois University on a Sunday special it’s only $2.00. On good drinkin nights it’s usually 6.50, and worth every penny!

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