What is “tampo” in English?

The exact translation according to most dictionaries is “to sulk”. For example: “Ako ay nagtatampo kasi hindi ka pa tumatawag.” In most cases, one makes “tampo” over petty stuff only.

Childish Temper Tantrum.

…in Pinas, we also say “OA ka naman” – meaning you’re just over-acting…coz really making “tampo” is usually over nothing so really it’s just an act or a ploy that girls (mostly) like to use to get what they want.

there’s no exact english word translation for it but you could just describe how you feel tampo..hehe.. i guess..


if you have difficulty in translating tagalog words in english… you can try this web, it really helps!


Hope this web helped!

Answer 6

SULK. ang arte kasi!

Answer 7

☻be in a mood,
☻feel sorry for yourself,
☻be in a huff,
☻be in a strop,


Grudge would be extreme.

how about “sentiment” as in sentimiento (sintimiyento)? whatever…

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