What is “playing hide the teacup”?

It’s a euphemism to explain what mummy or daddy was doing under the bedclothes when their child walks in on them during ιɴтᴇʀcouʀsᴇ.
Mummy, why was daddy under the sheet like that?
Oh we’re just playing ‘hide the …..(teacup/ toy truck etc)’ and he was looking for it

Find The Teacup

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Yes I played it alot from very little to probably around 8 years old. Along with other games I played with neighborhood kids outside in the summer. I don’t remember who all the kids were now. I lived in the middle of the block, and that’s where the games were held. So kids came from both ends of the street to play. It and other outside games, filled in the hours and kept us so busy. Maybe that is one of the reasons, no one had many toys. We were expected to play outside and use our imag- inations for entertaining ourselves. I remember how bored I’d be in the house. And if I complained, mother could think up some cleaning chores, and put me to work. So I’d find a reason to play out- side, just before and after dinner. But I always was within ear shot for mother to call. As we all were from our moms. We were all too young to be allowed to wander far. Even though, it was safe to do so. Mothers’ kept a watchful eye on their kids and everyone elses as stay at home moms.

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What is “playing hide the teacup”?

You’re thinking of ‘hide the salami’

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have you been watching family guy?

i think you just stick a teacup in some sheets and make little kids find it.

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