What is one of the primary functions of this food in the body?

What is one of the primary functions of this food in the body? building proteins storing energy providing structure to cell walls carrying genetic information

B. Storing energy

The answer is storing energy.

providing structure to cell walls Explanation:

storing energy Explanation:

The right answer is: Storing energy. Fats and oils (such as olive oil) are often better than their reputation and play a dual role. They constitute a food group and are at the same time a fundamental nutrient. Fats are present in foods of plant and animal origin and provide 9 kcal per gram, twice as much energy as protein and carbohydrates. The degree of lipid saturation remains lower than what has long been accepted. Olive oil is composed: * About 99% triglycerides. ==> monounsaturated fatty acid: 55 to 83% oleic (Omega9) ==> polyunsaturated fatty acid: 3.5 to 21% * The remaining 1% is the minor compounds;

Food is important for life.to be healthy and active we should certainly have enough food.But the food we eat should be safe and rich in all the nutrients our body needs.Also you can build new cells and tissues fro growth.

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I would believe that the answer is B. (storing energy) since olive oil is a carbohydrate. I’m pretty sure i’m right sorry if i’m not.

It helps the body to keep moving to produces the energy

To provide energy to build new cells and tissue

What is the food in the question?

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