What is more powerfull 460 S&W or 450 Bushmaster?

The figure I read showed the .450 Bushmaster was more powerful: 2722 ft-lbs muzzle energy vs. 2320 for the .460 S&W. The Bushmaster was fired from a 20″ barrel though, and I’m sure the .460 was from a S&W revolver with a shorter barrel. If barrel lengths were equal, the edge would probably go to the .460.

From my 12 1/8″ .460 S&W I shot 335 grs bullet at more of 3850 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, and it is neither maximum load I’ve reloaded: I’ve shot about 70 rounds in my new .460, the greates part of which was sub-charged reload or commercial cartridges, but about 20 rounds I’ve reloaded myself and the maximum (“hottest”) load I’ve reached it with 360 grs bullet (3524 ft/lbs and 50 of Taylor KO). Those .460 loads are at least 600 ft/lbs more powerful that .500 S&W hottest loads (naturally with the same barrel lenght).
Then I think is .460 S&W much more powerful than .450 Bushmaster.

.450 bushmaster

the .450 magnum.

ask the dead deer what he thinks has more power!

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