what is ” Mal de orin” in english?

I have this weird sensation like I want to pii all the time, this has been hapening for 2 consecutives days already and is very uncomfortable!. My friend says that it could be an infection cause by urin and that I just need to drink a lot of juice and water and it will go away. She says in spanish is called “mal de orin” I have no clue what that is and she doesn’t know how to say it in english????

Translates as badly of rust.
IDK if she saying your root is rusty, or is being legitamate saying you have too much iron in your system.

Mal De Orin In English

I’m not sure what the past people are talking about. ‘Mal de orin’ is exactly what is happening to you. You must have not been drinking enough water lately. Start by drinking a lot of water but pineapple juice is also good. There’s enzyme in pineapple juice that helps your kidneys. As for the translation, I’m not sure. Im a Spanish minor and I still have no idea. But Hopefully this helps.

In Mexico (the part where I m from at least), “mal de orin” refers to when you hold your ᴘᴇᴇ in too long and then it burns or hurts when you ᴘᴇᴇ, also leaving you with a sensation of needing to go frequently and not urinating too much. I think if you were to translate it, there s no literal translation but you could say: I have frequent, burning urination.

Cystitis is an infection of the bladder, but the term is often used indiscriminately and covers a range of infections and irritations in the lower urinary system. It causes burning sensations during urination and a frequent need to urinate.

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IDK how to say it in english, but its when you feel like you always have to ᴘᴇᴇ, but when youre on the toilet, you hardly do any at all, and sometimes it hurts to ᴘᴇᴇ that little bit. Most of the time it happens when you step on a hot floor, or drink hot water (when it stays for a long time in the car). The best solution is to put your feet in cold water for 2 hours and drink ALOT of cold water and juice

Answer 7

This means “Urinary Tract Infection” or “UTI” in English. Also called bladder infection.

bladder trouble http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT#es|en|ma…

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