What is lactrose?

Not lactose! I’m curious if it is dairy-based. Thanks for any help!

After researching this, my books don’t show anything called “lactrose.” I think you may be looking at a “lactose” typo.

There is no medical term such as “lactrose”.
Lactose is a constituent of milk and other dairy products.
1. A disaccharide, C12H22O11, found in milk, that may be hydrolyzed to yield glucose and galactose.
2. A white crystalline substance obtained from whey and used in infant foods, bakery products, confections, and pharmaceuticals as a diluent and excipient. Also called milk sugar present in humans and bovines.

It;’s lactose, and it’s the sugar in all animal milks.

i’m curious too,i’d like to know where you came across this word,you are so emphatic that it isn’t lactose ,so sorry can’t be of any help.

when you cant handle milk products

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Sorry never heard about it!

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