what is KickThePj’s real name?

kickthepj from YouTube, (PJ Liguori). I’ve always been curious about this, and I’ve always wanted to know what it is. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want his name being branded around the internet or it getting out. I’m not sure if anyone knows this but, it’s always lingered in my mind.

PJ Liguori (Pasquale Jordan Liguori) is KickThePj’s real name

I know the whole truth and I can tell you. KickThePj and I were best friends in kindergarten. Back then his name was Stanislas Van Dahood. He spoke English with a very thick Dutch accent and loved playing cricket. We would go to the Himalayan Alps near Chicago every year to participate to the Cricket World Cup. He was so good at it that he won the cup against Donald Trump (who worked as a cricket field cleaner back then). Then this good old Donald set a party for Stanislas Van DaHood’s victory but that was all just a trap. Donald brought all of his alien friends to kidnap him. Hopefully Stanislas knew a black magic trick in Dutch that he used to stop time and fled to United Kingdom with the help of a giant fish called Loo. Today, Stanislas is protected by the British government and has to use the name “Paul Jean Lekick”.

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If you’re sure he doesn’t want people knowing it, then why are you still asking?

Kick The Pj

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