what is grapefruit called in tamil?

we reside in chennai(india) may I get ths good fresh fruit right here

கொடிமுந்திரி (kodimundhiri) / திராட்சை (dhiraatchai) tend to be Tamil brands for red grapes, maybe not grapefruit
Grapefruit is known as பப்பளிமாசு (pappalimaasu) in Tamil.
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Grapefruit In Tamil

Draatchai is red grapes. Grapefruit is pamparamaasu or bumblimas. Furthermore generally saathukudi or moosambi in Malayalam. This is one of the exact same family members as orange and lemon (the citrus family members)

Possibly the exact same explanation article Grape Nuts are known as that. There aino peanuts & there aino red grapes. And exactly why is a pineapple known as that, it do not develop on a pine tree & most absolutely ain’t an apple

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Thratchai. (pro: Thra-t-chai)..you will get that in chennai

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