What is a witty answer to “Hay is for horses”?


and cнιcκens and fish…

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Here is a really mean comeback if someone tells you “hay is for horses”. Tell them, “hay is for horses but cows eat it to if you don’t be quiet ill feed some to you!

Hay is for horses, straw is for cows, milk is for little pigs and wash for old sows.
Hay for horses, grass is free, cows eat it, why can’t we.

“Hay is for horses, but cows eat it too, so if you don’t be quiet I’ll feed some to you.”

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It’s also for Jackass’s…want some hay?

Answer 6

Yeah, tigers don’t touch it with a barge pole.

Answer 7

We always said “but grass is cheaper”.

better for cows…pigs cant chew because they dont know how

Sorry, I forgot to buy you some.. is what you can say lol

a: “Hay is for horses”
b: “Suck my c̫o̫ςκ, ******.”

or if you’re a girl: “Lick my ѵɑɠıռɑ, ******”

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