What is a collapsible circuit?

What is a collapsible circuit when you defusing a bomb or working with electronics?

A ‘collapsing circuit’ – in its idea – is a circuit designed to detect a failure in a circuit and act on it. The most basic implementation would be to monitor voltage/amperage levels on the target circuit and react when those levels change (a wire is cut, an element wears out etc.).
Collapsing circuits are used in electronic security devices like alarms (alarm is set off if tampering in the device is detected), and bombs (the load is detonated when, for example, the counter is disconnected).
Typical (generic) usage for such circuits is mainly intrusion detection and failover systems – a collapsing circuit could be used to warn the user of a failure, or to enable a backup system.
One would do good to distinguish between physical (ie. electronical) and logical (signal-based, software) ‘collapsing circuits’.
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== a collapsible circuit [CC] is one that will shut down if outside the limits of the parameters of the usage of this particular CC … much like and prime example is the GFCI or ground fault curcuit interrupter that will shut off the power to avoid electrocution of a person [[[[ if you are in the bathtub and the hair dryer is in use and it falls into the the bath water you have a big problem—– so the use of the GFCI will instantly shut off the power to that appliance and the circuit is broken/shut-off/ collapsed or overloaded ….. so the CC is an overload of the electric supply to that power point ……… as for bomb makins you need to consult a rocket scientist or an detonation expert ………

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