What is 3x times 2x? Need some help!?

I probably learned this a hundred times but I always forget! Help!

I understand your situation.
It is just the alphabet ‘x’ or the word ‘times’ or a capital alphabet ‘X’
Just follow the examples:
3x times 2x = 3a X 2a = 6a^2
3x times 2x = 3b X 2b = 6b^2
3x times 2x = 3c X 2c = 6c^2
3x times 2x = 3d X 2d = 6d^2
And your answer is
3x times 2x = 3x X 2x = 6x^2
Thank you.

First multiply the coefficients: 3*2 = 6
Now multiply the variables: x * x = x^2

6x. Just multiply the two numbers and put the x next to it.
Veerryyy simple.

3x*2x = (3*2)*(x*x) = 6x^2

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