What happens to the oxygen that is metabolized within the mitochondria?

what the results are towards the air which metabolized inside the
mitochondria? a. The air is transformed into CO2. b. The air is included
into natural particles during mobile kcalorie burning. c. The air is
coupled with hydrogen to make liquid. d. The air will act as a
coenzyme into the creation of ATP. age. The air is transformed into
CO2 and it is coupled with hydrogen to make water-can you give an explanation for solution please.

Oxygen is used into the last phase of ATP development on
complex V of this Electron transportation string occurring into the inter
membranous area of this mitochondria. Oxygen will act as a fantastic
electron acceptor. Given that ions inside the area transfer to the
matrix, air mixes with hydronium and take electron from
complex resulting in development of liquid.
therefore c is proper.

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