What Happened To Kickstart?

Kickstart was one of the most popular social media platforms for kids in the late 2000s and early 2010s. It was a place where children could share pictures, songs, and videos with friends. Today, Kixstar is no more. In its place are a Facebook page and some generic website that doesn’t seem to have any connection to the old platform. What happened to Kickstart? And what does this tell us about the state of social media for kids today?

What is Kickstart?

Kickstart was a social media platform that allowed users to create and share content. In early 2018, the company announced that it would be shutting down its service. Shortly after, rumors began circulating that the company had shut down due to financial difficulties. However, Kickstart has since denied these claims and stated that they are shutting down their service because they no longer have enough users.

History of Kickstart

Kickstart was once one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. However, recently it has gone through some changes that have caused its popularity to decrease. What happened to Kickstart?

Kickstart was founded in 2004 by Scott Banister and Tom Anderson. The company originally focused on creating a social networking site for kids. In 2006, Kixstar acquired GeoCities and began to focus on developing websites for businesses and organizations.

In 2007, Kixstar acquired FandangoNow, which allowed the company to offer movie tickets as well as tickets for events such as concerts and sporting events. This acquisition helped lead to the company’s current focus on selling event tickets.

In 2011, Kixstar acquired Hootsuite, an online dashboard that helps users manage their social media accounts from a single location. This acquisition gave Kixstar a strong foothold in the business world and enabled it to begin selling services specifically aimed at businesses.

In early 2013, Kixstar underwent a large reorganization that eliminated many of the positions within the company. At the time, this change was seen as a sign of weakness by some investors and caused the stock price to decline. In May of that year, Kixstar announced plans to sell itself to Groupon for $130 million dollars. However, after months of negotiations, Groupon withdrew its offer due to concerns about Facebook’s influence over Instagram (which is owned by Facebook).

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How Does Kixstar Work?

Kickstart was once a popular kids’ social media network that offered users a variety of activities and games to keep them entertained. However, the site has since gone inactive and users are now unable to access their accounts or messages. What happened to Kickstart?

Kickstart launched in March of 2013 as one of the first kid-focused social networks on the internet. The site offered a variety of activities and games for users to enjoy, as well as features like chat rooms, group chats, and message boards. At its peak, Kixstar had over 15 million active users.

However, Kixstar went offline completely in September 2017. Users were not able to log into their accounts or send messages anymore. It’s unclear what caused the network to go offline, but it’s possible that the company ran out of money or was forced to shut down due to copyright infringement concerns. In any case, it’s disappointing that Kixstar is no longer around after being such a popular platform for kids years ago.

Main Competitors of Kickstart

Kickstart was once one of the top social media platforms for kids. But with users moving to other platforms, the company has been struggling. Kickstart is facing competition from Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube among others. The company has been exploring different ways to stay afloat, but it may not be enough.

Why did KiXSTAr stop playing?

KixStar, one of the most popular emulators for Nintendo systems, stopped working a few months ago. Since then, there has been no answer as to what happened to the emulator or the developers behind it. However, some theories have surfaced as to what could have caused KixStar’s demise.

One theory suggests that KixStar was shut down due to copyright infringement. The emulator allowed users to play games on their PC that they would not be able to play on their native consoles because they were not licensed by Nintendo. This could have put Nintendo in a difficult situation since they had copyrighted games being played on unauthorized platforms. It is also possible that this could have led to piracy which is something that Nintendo definitely does not want to happen.

Another theory suggests that KixStar may have gone out of business because of changes in the gaming industry. Over time, the gaming industry has shifted towards digital downloads instead of physical discs. This could have made it more difficult for KixStar to make money since they relied heavily on selling emulator licenses and game discs. Additionally, there are now more affordable and user-friendly options available when it comes to playing retro games on your computer.

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What happened to Kix the streamer?

KixStar, once one of the most popular streaming platforms on the internet, has ceased operations after two years of operation. The reasons for the platform’s closure are still unknown, but it is likely that financial problems were a factor. KixStar was known for its gaming content and had a large following among both casual and hardcore gamers. It is unclear what will happen to the over 1.5 million subscribers who were associated with the platform.

What happened to Kizstar?

In early 2018, Kixstar, a social media platform owned by Disney, announced that it would be shutting down. Shortly after, reports circulated stating that the company had gone bankrupt. However, recent reports suggest that things may not be as bad as they seem.

It was reported in late January that Disney had filed for bankruptcy in December 2017 but managed to avoid being shut down. The filing was made due to concerns about the company’s $24 billion debt. In order to minimize the amount of debt owed, Disney sold off a number of its subsidiaries including Kixstar.

Despite the rumors of bankruptcy, some employees claim things are still going relatively smoothly at Kickstart. One employee told Business Insider that “employees have been told not to panic” and that “there have been no mass layoffs.” The employee also said that there is “a lot of speculation” but nothing has actually changed on the ground yet.

Whether or not Kixstar is truly in trouble remains to be seen, but for now, it appears that everything is still normal inside the company.

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Where is KiXSTAr?

Kickstart ceased operations in March 2018. Many users are wondering where the app went and what happened to it. Kickstart was one of the most popular social media platforms for kids, with over 50 million registered users. The app was founded by two brothers, Akhtar and Rizwan Arslan, in 2007. 

The company faced many financial challenges in recent years, culminating in its closure. Kixstar’s parent company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in March of 2018. It is unclear what will happen to the user data or the app itself.


It’s been a little over a year since Kixstar filed for bankruptcy, and many of you may be curious about what happened to the company. While no one can say for certain, it seems likely that the company folded due to its debt load and lack of revenue. It was an unfortunate event, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to cover Kixstar throughout its short lifespan. Thanks for reading!

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