what happened to animeseason.com?

am i the only one having this problem?cause i cant open the website since last night..

It’s up now! c:

when I was on there earlyer I saw on the list of shows you can watch and beside one of the shows it had something about an error and it said it was going to be fixed. So i think they shut the website down to fix that error. I would look back in the moring and if it still dosent come up this my idea I would call web support.

Source(s): you could email the pepole

Animeseason.com changes their website now is animeseason.tv

Source(s): animeseason.tv

its down it was fine for me until 3 days ago or so. it probably is doing repairs hopefully it will get fix soon it the website i like the most when it comes to watching anime.

Anime Season was down for a couple of days. It’s not just you. I came across this other anime site and I’m loving it there. All their videos are in high quality and you can download them too. http://www.bestanimes.net/

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Answer 6

This seems to happen a lot with this site and usually it is down for a bit to do repairs.

Answer 7

It either down for maintenence or the entire site was taken down which hopefully isn’t the case.

I heard that the creators of the website are updating so it can load and upload videos faster.

I really hope not now I need to find another site ugh gonna try animefreak.com

They claim to have been raided and shut down by authorities. They’re back up at animeseason.tv.

Source(s): AnimeSeason facebook.


I’m having the same issue. D:

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